The right attitude always results in ideal performance.

I am here to help you and your employees accomplish your goals and develop the traits that will make you successful.

Therefore it is important to remember that learning is something personal. We are moving into a new area. You may feel curious and unsure, even apprehensive and vulnerable. However, you are determined to change and that is why you are taking action. Although the exact destination is yet to be determined one fact is certain: We will arrive...

Your Coach

Sabine Maria Peters

My Offer

Develop charisma and achieve goals.

As a systemic- constructivist coach I will empower and support you or your employees in Outbound and Inbound service, at the reception desk and in sales to establish an authentic warm and open bond with prospects and customers over the phone. 

Your employees and you will learn to employ constructive conversations and professional interview techniques in a sensible manner. I am happy to look after you and your team for a longer period of time. 

You come from the following industry sectors:

IT and software companies, training institutes, call centers, insurance companies, banks , corporate consulting and event and advertising agencies.






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